Sec. 66-91. Permit; conduct of sale.

(a) Definition. For the purposes of this section, a "tag sale" is a sale for the purpose of disposing of household articles of a used nature.

(b) Permit required; limitations. No tag sale shall be held unless a permit has been obtained from the chief of police at least three days prior to said sale. Permits shall be on a form designated by the chief of police with a fee of $5.00 to be paid by the applicant. No more than three permits per calendar year shall be issued to an individual or household. Upon passage of this section, two permits shall be available for the remaining portion of the calendar year. The applicant must reside at the address for which the sale is approved. No group other than a household shall hold a tag sale unless such group is a religious, charitable, educational, fraternal, veterans, civic or other nonprofit organization. Such an organization shall not be subject to the residency requirement, but shall be limited to no more than five permits per calendar year. No tag sale shall begin earlier than 9:00 a.m. or continue after 7:00 p.m. All signs advertising a tag sale shall be removed by the individual or group holding a tag sale within 24 hours from the conclusion of such sale.

(c) Copy of tag sale ordinance. A copy of this section shall be issued to each applicant for a tag sale permit.

(d) Penalty. Any individual or group holding a "tag sale" in violation of the foregoing shall be fined $25.00. This section may be enforced in accordance with the non-criminal disposition procedures set forth in Section 1-10 of this Ordinance. The City reserves the right to deny any future tag sale permits due to prior violation(s) of this Section.

(Code 1972, § 11-3; Ord. of 6-18-96 [24th amd.], § 1; Ord. of 9-22-98 [1st amd.], § 1; Ord. of 6-6-00 [2d amd.], § 1)