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Budget & Fiscal Control Division

The Budget and Fiscal Control Division is staffed by two civilian employees, one supervisory police comptroller and a bookkeeper.  These two individuals are responsible for an annual budget of nearly $12,000,000.  The division also manages over $902,000 in grants annually.

The Personnel Services portion of the Police Department budget comprises approximately 94% of the annual budget supported by the City of Holyoke.  This includes all salaries, incentive programs, overtime and pension payments for between 150 and 160 members of the department. 

The Budget and Fiscal Control Division is responsible for the compilation and communication of all financial information to the Chief of Police and through him to the Auditor, Treasurer, Purchasing Agent and the Mayor’s office.  The division’s police comptroller provides assistance to the Chief of Police in the formulation of annual budgets, documentation and justification of all large expenses for equipment and services.

The division constantly monitors all expenses and communicates any changes to the Chief of Police.  Purchases must be handled with one eye on the budget and the other on the needs of the Department.  The police comptroller must ensure the members of the Department are provided with the best possible equipment and services at the best possible prices while maintaining compliance with City and State procurement policies, procedures and laws.

Along with the purchasing of goods and services, the Division is responsible for the financial monitoring and administration of up to ten different grants awarded from various Federal and State agencies.  This is a coordinated effort between the uniformed officers running the programs and the Budget and Fiscal Control Division’s personnel to ensure timely and accurate reporting to the awarding agencies.

The Division also monitors various Federal and State agencies for notification of any new grant programs that may be appropriate to the Police Department, assists in the completion of the applications, development of grant budgets and upon award of the grant, coordinates the receipt of the grant funds with the appropriate City departments.

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