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How To Report a Complaint
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  The Holyoke Police Department would like to encourage you and your neighbors to work more closely with the Department and Beat Officers to deal with some of your concerns regarding noise, loud music, abandoned vehicles, illegal auto repairs, animals, and drugs.
Holyoke Police Department bullet item Noise / Loud Music
    Regarding loud noise and music complains coming from a specific neighborhood residence:
  Recommendation: Call the Holyoke Police Department and provide as much specific information as possible regarding what is taking place. The non-emergency number (322-6900) should be used. The person making the complaint should be ready to "Act as the complainant" regarding the noise. Please inform the responding officer that this has been an ongoing problem (if it truly has been). Based on information provided by the complainants(s) and the officer's observations, the responding officer may take one of the following actions:
A. Verbal Warning. If the officer feels that this is an isolated incident and a mere warning will prevent it from re-occurring then the officer may take this action. The officer will also advise the violator that repeated offenses will result in a fine and/or arrest.
  B. Issue a City Ordinance Citation for "Loud Music/Noise" to the violator(s). If there is more than one complainant, the officer issuing the citation shall list the names of each of the neighbors who complained on the police report.
  C. If the violations continue, the officer may place the violator under arrest and transport him/her to Police Headquarters for the booking process. The arrest report will include information on each of the neighbors who asked to file a complaint, and the circumstances involved in the arrest. The violator will be charged with either "Disorderly Conduct" or "Disturbing the Peace," based on the circumstances.
  D. To report loud music coming from a vehicle, telephone the Police Department non-emergency number and provide the license plate number of the vehicle (if possible), direction of travel, and description of the vehicle. If the officer arrives in the neighborhood, hears the music coming from the vehicle, and determines it to be loud and/or objectionable he may take one of the following actions:

1. Verbal Warning
2. City Ordinance Citation for Loud Music
3. Motor Vehicle Citation for Loud and Objectionable Noise

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  Holyoke Police Department Bullet Item Abandoned Vehicles
  To report abandoned cars, trucks, trailers, etc. please telephone the Police Department non-emergency number (322-6900), and provide the following information:
A. If possible, license number and state, make, model, color, and location (in front of 123 Main Street, on Main Street, West Side, Between Appleton and Cabot Streets, etc.).
  B. Also, provide your name, address, and telephone number.
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  City of Holyoke Police Department Bullet Item Illegal Auto Repairs
  Within the City of Holyoke it is a violation of City ordinance to repair a motor vehicle on a public street, city owned property, or private property with the exception of Short Time Emergency Repairs. Examples of short time emergency repairs would be a flat tire change, a jump start, an overheating engine, etc.
    Recommendation: To report illegal auto repairs you must call while these repairs are in progress. Please telephone the Police Department's non-emergency telephone line (322-6900), and provide the following information:
A. The specific location where these repairs are taking place.
  B. If possible, the license number, make, model, and color of vehicle being repaired.
  C. Also, provide your name, address, and telephone number. Once again, you should be willing to "Act as the complainant." In the event the issue goes to court, you may be required to provide testimony regarding the matter.
    If the responding officer observes the repair work in progress, he may take one of the following actions:
1. Verbal Warning: All repairs shall cease immediately.
2. City Ordinance Citation: $50.00 fine for first offense. $100.00 for each offense thereafter.
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Holyoke Police Department Bullet Item Animals
To report or file a complaint about a barking dog, vicious dog, or animals running loose:
  Recommendation: Telephone the Police Department, utilizing the non-emergency telephone line (322-6900), and report the complaint. If your complaint involves an emergency situation, such as a dog bite or a vicious dog, please utilize 9-1-1 and an officer will be dispatched immediately. Provide your name, address, telephone number, and description of the emergency.

If the complaint is non-emergency in nature, the Beat Officer will respond to the location and attempt to rectify the situation by either contacting the owner of the animal in question (if possible), or notifying the Animal Control Officer. A City Ordinance Citation may be issued to the animal's owner at this time. If the officer is unable to locate the owner, the animal may be taken into custody by the Animal Control Officer who will then conduct a follow-up investigation to locate and issue a citation to the animal's owner.

If your complaint necessitates the issuance of a City Ordinance Citation, you will be listed as the complainant on the police report and may be required to go to court to provide testimony regarding the matter.
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Holyoke Police Department Bullet Item Drug Activity
Drug activity can be reported in several ways. The deciding factor in how drug activity is reported, is for the complainant to determine. Is the drug activity occurring at that time or is the complaint regarding prior acts? If the drug activity is taking place at that time, then the complainant should dial 9-1-1 to report this activity so that an officer can respond immediately. The complainant should always give as much specific information as possible to the dispatcher so as to increase the chance that the suspect(s) can be caught and arrested. A caller is not required to give their name and address, however, the presence of an eyewitness will increase the odds of a conviction in court.

If the complainant wishes to report drug activity occurring at a location and this activity has been taking place over a period of time, the complainant should telephone the Police Department non-emergency number (536-6431) to report this activity.

In some instances the complainant may with to speak with a member of the Department's Narcotics/Vice Division so as to provide more detailed information or to offer their assistance in apprehending those individuals dealing in drugs. On these occasions the complainant should telephone the non-emergency number between 8:00am and 11:00pm and request the Narcotics/Vice Division. If an officer from that division is not available at that time, you may leave a message and he/she will return your call as soon as possible.

Finally, if you have witnessed drug activity or have information regarding drug activity, or any other crime, you can call the Holyoke Police Department's 24 hour anonymous "Tips Line" at 533-TIPS (533-8477).
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Holyoke Police Department Bullet Item Miscellaneous
There is a common misconception among some citizens that the Police Department is either too busy or not concerned enough about so-called "Nuisance Complaints" to respond to each one. On the contrary, the Holyoke Police Department has a duty and an obligation to every one of its citizens to respond to each and every call for service, no matter how big or how small. However, the caller must understand that on some occasions the Holyoke Police Department does experience a high volume of calls for service. It is at these times that dispatchers must prioritize these calls based on severity of the situation.

Therefore, if you are making a non-emergency report and you experience a delay in officer's response, please understand that each and every call must be answered and the officers will respond as soon as possible.
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Holyoke Police Department Bullet Item Complaints Against Members of the Department
If you are not satisfied with the actions taken by the officer(s) or other member(s) of the department, please do not wait two or three days to acknowledge the dissatisfaction. Telephone Police Headquarters at 322-6900 and ask to speak with the Watch Commander or Assistant Watch Commander. A Lieutenant or Sergeant will either speak with you on the phone or come to your residence. This will enable us to properly explain our actions or take the necessary actions to address and/or correct the situation.

If you remain dissatisfied, please telephone the
Professional Standards Division at 322-6900 Extension 577 to report the complaint. You will be required to complete and sign a complaint form and the matter will be investigated.
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Our "CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER" Officer Edgar Lopez can be contacted via e-mail at Officer Lopez is a direct liaison with the Holyoke Board of Health and is working diligently on quality of life issues within the City of Holyoke.

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