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Criminal Investigation Bureau
General Assignment Division
The General Assignment Division of the Criminal Investigations Bureau is responsible for conducting initial and/or follow-up investigations into felony and misdemeanor violations of City, State, and Federal statutes. The detectives assigned to the General Assignment Division conduct investigations into Part I and Part II offenses as directed by the Bureau Commander and/or Chief of Police. They gather criminal intelligence, apply for search and arrests warrants, and conduct criminal surveillance as required. The detectives also work closely with outside law enforcement agencies including, but not limited to, the Massachusetts State Police, Local Police, the Hampden County Sheriff's Department and numerous Federal Agencies.
Court Liaison Division
The Court Liaison Division is responsible for working closely with the District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys in the Superior, District and Juvenile Courts. These officers handle arraignments, summons, magistrate hearings, traffic court, city ordinance violations, evidence disposal, process pay sheets, etc. These activities assist the department in reducing costs and enhance prosecutions.
Narcotics/Vice Division
The Narcotics/Vice Division has the responsibility to investigate drug trafficking and vice violations within the City of Holyoke in addition to investigating complaints of drug activity. The Division also conducts covert surveillance; develops information and informants regarding drug activity that in any manner affects the quality of life of the citizens of Holyoke. The Division also conducts covert investigations as assigned by the Chief of Police and/or the Bureau Commander. The Division maintains records on all investigations and all requests for forfeitures as a result of criminal activity. The Division maintains cases files on all assigned investigations and tracks open and closed cases. This Division is also invested with the responsibility of tracing firearms through the B.A.T.F. (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) under the U.S. Treasury Department.
Sexual/Domestic Crimes Division
The Sexual/Domestic Crimes Division is responsible for investigating those crimes involving domestic assault/battery cases and being an advocate for victims of sexual and/or domestic assault/battery. The detective(s) assigned to this division also work closely with the District Attorney's office and domestic assault advocates to provide a comprehensive approach to these cases.
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  Captain David Pratt,
Bureau Command
Captain 1
Lieutenant 1
General Investigations
Detectives 8
Sr. Clk. Typist 1
Narcotics Division
Lieutenant 1
Detectives 11
Domestic Violence
Detective 1
Advocate 0
Court Liaison
Detectives 2
Total 26
Detective McGillicuddy
Detective James G. McGillicuddy
Detective Sattler
Detective Jennifer L. Sattler
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